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Wildlife Surveys

When would you need a Wildlife Survey?

  • Planning Application for house alteration, demolition.
  • Planning Application for Development.
  • Road Construction.
  • Bridge Repair
  • Building Repair
  • Work on known bat roost
  • Work in SAC or NHA
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Local Natural Heritage or Natural History Exploration
  • Tidy Towns

What would a survey entail?
Identification and Mapping of the Distribution of Mammals and Birds, Habitat and Flora.
Consideration of the Threats Faced to the Wildlife of an Area or a Site
Proposed Means to Alleviate the Predicted Impacts or Avoid Destruction of Wildlife

All of the specialists that work for us have a long experience of conservation, biodiversity and ecological management. Projects that we have worked on include almost all major road schemes in the Republic of Ireland and into Northern Ireland (A1N1, N2, N3, M4, N6, N7 and so on). We have also been engaged in surveys for private developments (housing, golf courses, hotels, drainage and flood relief schemes, quarries, landfill, and windfarms). We have worked for county councils on biodiversity assessments, guidance on the significance of sites in local and national terms, ecological inventory.

Typical surveys would require an examination of an area for badgers, bats, otters, squirrel, pine marten and other mammals as well as birds. Habitat and Flora can be provided as an overall package for any survey. We have worked for Heritage Officers and the Heritage Council on major bat surveys in Laois, Offaly, Carlow, and Kilkenny.